Call for Nominations for the OMCOS XXI Award

The OMCOS Award recognizes an early career scientist (within 12 years of beginning their independent career*) who has made significant contributions to the field of organometallic chemistry and organic synthesis. 

This award is presented at each International Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry Directed Towards Organic Synthesis. The award recipient for OMCOS XXI will deliver a plenary lecture during the conference, which is the week of July 24 – 28th in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

The awardee must attend in person and will receive complimentary registration, travel funds, accommodation, and a cash prize.

Please submit your completed nomination, consisting of a nominating cover letter, CV and brief (200 word) citation by email to the OMCOS secretary, Prof. Mark Lautens ([email protected]) by September 30th 2022.  Self-nomination is not permitted. Contact the secretary if you have any questions or want assistance with a nomination.

* Provided parental leave fell into that period, up to one year of parental leave time may be added per child, where appropriate.

Recent Past Awardees

Prof. Sarah Reisman, California Institute of Technology; OMCOS XX – Heidelberg, Germany
Prof. Ruben Martin, Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia, ICIQ; OMCOS IXX – Jeju, Korea
Prof. Melanie Sanford, University of Michigan; OMCOS XVIII – Sitges, Spain
Prof. Zhang-Jie Shi, Fudan University (Peking University); OMCOS XVII – Ft. Collins, USA
Prof. Frank Glorius, Muenster University; OMCOS XVI – Shanghai, China
Prof. Keith Fagnou, University of Ottawa; OMCOS XV – Glasgow, UK
Prof. Dean Toste, University of California, Berkeley; OMCOS XIV – Nara, Japan
Prof. Shengming Ma, Fudan University (Jointly appointed by Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry and Zhejiang University); OMCOS XIII – Geneva, Switzerland
Prof. Kyoko Nozaki, University of Tokyo; OMCOS XII – Toronto, Canada